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Trudne czasy wymagają szybkich i stanowczych decyzji. Dlatego dla klientów, którzy pilnie potrzebują przenieść swoje działania w świat online zdecydowaliśmy się stworzyć ofertę stworzenia sklepu internetowego na Prestashop w 7 dni. Dla kogo dedykujemy tą ofertę. Obecnie najbezpieczniejszą formą sprzedaży jest handel internetowy, więc każdy może znaleźć w sieci swoje miejsce.

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Create a brand that will be remembered

The way people see your company depends on many different aspects. It’s really important to have high quality content as well as visual identification. That will help you reach the customer and encourage him to buy your product. We know that a picture can say a thousand words so that’s why we will prepare for you an advertising spot and graphic design. Our specialists are waiting for your call!


We don’t have to explain how important a logo is. Clear message, recognizability, agelessness… We know how to do it right!


We know that most business cards ends up at the bottom of a drawer or somewhere in your wallet where they are invisible because they are so common and plain. We can offer you a business card that your clients will love and never forget, not mentioning hiding it in a drawer.


For many companies, that are familiar with a promotional campaign, banners are a must have. Thanks to them you will be visible for all the clients and you will show your company in the best way.

Branding, identyfikacja wizualna


Quick and easy way to inform about a new offer, sale or just to advertise. We have a lot of experience in doing that. We can make it any size you want.


Your graphic can be on notebooks, USB drives, pens and a lot of other things.


You never know if you are going to need a special graphic for your social media or website. We are open for ideas of anything you will need from us.