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Social media campaign

Do you ever wonder how often you’re on someone else’s website? How many times per day you’re on your favourite website and how many times you’re on social media like Facebook or Instagram? No you see the difference, don’t you? Now you see how important Social Media is for your company. Today’s marketing is far from the traditional one like commercials on tv, in newspapers or on billboards. Today your client wants a mutual conversation.

Social Media campaigns

49% of Polish people search social media to find a company they need. 15 millions of Polish people have at least one account on social media.

As a business owner you know, that those numbers present your potential clients. Companies need to be where the clients are, create a community for them. That is why we offer you taking the responsibility of running your Social Media channels. Our experienced specialists will choose the right target group, to which they will address professional campaigns and posts.

Our agency will take care of running your social media channels.


Our clients can be sure, that our company will be in touch with their clients. We will answer to private messeges as well as comments.

We will create a unique graphic design for your profile

We will create an established amount of posts and competitions with creative graphic designs created by us.

We keep up with the social media trends best for your business

Our specialists always keep up with what is trending at the moment. We make sure your company is always on top with the trends.

Prowadzenie Facebooka
Regular reporting of our actions

Every month you will receive a report with statistics of your profile which will help you see the progress of our actions on your company’s social media.