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Trudne czasy wymagają szybkich i stanowczych decyzji. Dlatego dla klientów, którzy pilnie potrzebują przenieść swoje działania w świat online zdecydowaliśmy się stworzyć ofertę stworzenia sklepu internetowego na Prestashop w 7 dni. Dla kogo dedykujemy tą ofertę. Obecnie najbezpieczniejszą formą sprzedaży jest handel internetowy, więc każdy może znaleźć w sieci swoje miejsce.

Zamów już dziś

Designing and creating websites

Time for changes! There is about a half a billion websites in the world. It is really hard to stand out on the market without an effective, responsive and visually created website. Designing websites is a very complex process and our specialists know about it. For past years we’ve learn how to analyse each client’s needs and how to do the research. That’s how we know how to create a perfect website. To do that a client needs to fill in a form that is on our website or make an appointment in our office. It gives us a chance to research the market that our client’s business is in so we can create a draft or an idea, which is going to be transformed into a website if a client approves.

Made for you

We are always making sure that our projects fulfill their purpose. Although we never forget to make it easy on the eyes.

They know how to change

We’re going through the internet not only on our computers but on our mobile devices, tablets etc. That’s why we create websites that look and work perfectly on each one of those devices.


We make sure that your website works fast and smooth. We’re trying to make the loading time the shortest possible.

Śliczne strony internetowe w Rzeszowie

Designing websites for customers:
experienced specialists

Why so many people trusts us with their websites? There’s countless amount of reasons but the most important one is our team. Our employees are experienced specialists with years of practice. Their job is their passion, which they are constantly trying to expand, so they can offer the clients what’s best. They always keep up with all the market and technology news so that our clients could have modern and innovative websites.

We can guarantee you a perfect efficiency of each website we create. We make sure it works perfectly and smoothly, which is very important. The loading time needs to be the shortest possible so that a potential customer wouldn’t get impatient. We know that and that’s why we can guarantee that your website will not only be modern but also fast.

How do we work?

One of the steps of creating a website is a process of designing. It requires a lot of knowledge and concentration. It usually takes up to a week with all the graphic work. We know how important it is to have a good slogan and a correct CTA buttons location. After presenting you the layout we’re going to the next important step which is implementation.

Strony internetowe jak działamy


Strony internetowe jak działamy

The last step of creating a website is implementation. We’re keeping up with all the new trends in design so that we could offer our customer the best possible solutions. To make sure your new website is indefectible we’re testing it to see how it responses, functions and if everything works. After making sure it works we’re making it visible for everyone by putting it on Google. We can also connect it to Google Analytics free of charge.

We base our websites on responsiveness

Our specialists create modern website based on RWD technology. We realise how important it is to use responsive websites. Many users browse websites on mobile phones or tablets and that’s why we’re using RWD (Responsive Web Design)technology. It makes websites fit each screen perfectly. User looking at the website on panoramic screen will be able to see it with all of its width. User using a phone or any other smaller screen will also be able to see it clearly without any inconvenience.

Advantages of using rwd technology

Creating websites with the use of RWD guarantees flexibility with showing the content, especially on smartphones. Their small screens require a precise fitting of a shown content. Each element needs to be correct size. Website needs to fit in the screen without moving it to the sides. It is necessary if you want to call your website modern and user friendly.